Thursday, 24 May 2012

Being creative with advertising

Advertising the release of Finding Nemo 2. Maybe a little disturbing for little kids who like sushi?

Awesome idea, effective, easy to produce and cheap!

Ikea are the kings of clever advertising. Visually appealing, effective, clear message, and fun!

Australia's Commonwealth Bank are currently running their 'cant' campaign. This is a great example of a suspense or building campaign, deliberately using vague advertising that leaves people questioning what the product is and what it means. Initially using bus advertising, billboards and press to advertise the sole word 'CANT'- leaving people to question 'what is cant?' and then rolling into TV and further billboard signage to reveal the full message. Really effective at capturing audience attention and brand building. Removing one letter of the word 'cant' leaves you with 'can'- commonwealth bank can!

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